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Where is the water located

Water damage is very unexpected and not always easy to spot. It’s often difficult to determine the extent of the damage without the proper tools of the trade. Some of the more common types of water damage occur from faulty plumbing, a damaged roof, and malfunctioning appliances. The most important rule to follow is to stop the source and dry out all materials that have been affected by it.

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Mitigating damages is a priority if you have suffered any of the following causes of water damage:

Category of Water

Category I

Water from a clean source that does not present a large risk for causing sickness or discomfort. Some examples include: broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows with no contaminants, and supply lines from appliances.

Category II

Water that has a significant degree of chemical, biological and/or physical contamination. Category 2 water has the potential to cause sickness or discomfort and should not be allowed to dwell for an extended period of time. Some examples include: aquarium leaks, waterbed leaks, toilet bowl overflows, dishwasher and washing machine discharges.

Category III

Water intrusion that results from a grossly unsanitary source or carries pathogenic (disease causing) agents. Some examples include: discharge from toilets that originate from beyond the toilet trap (sewer or septic system backups), and intrusions from the surface of ground water (flood waters).

The Absolute Process

Step 1

An appointment is made to work around your schedule for our initial inspection.

Step 2

Our technicians will greet and introduce themselves and explain what they will be doing to help restore your property.

Step 3

We inspect your property and assess all damages to further explain how to resolve the issue.

Step 4

Our expert technicians will remove moisture in affected areas using dehumidification and air movement.

Step 5

Our technicians will clean and sanitize all areas affected by water and protect your belongings from exposure to those areas.

Step 6

We document and photograph all work done to show progress from the first day to the last day.

Step 7

Once all levels are brought to a dry condition, we will leave you with the utmost satisfaction that your home has been restored.

Our staff is available to answer all questions you may have. The best ability is availability! That’s why we offer 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year emergency response service to cover any loss caused by water damage.

Why you need to clean it fast
At the first sign of water damage, taking initiative will ensure that a small loss doesn't turn into a large loss.

Water damage can affect several items in a property, such as:

• Carpets  • Furniture  • Cabinets  • Flooring  • Baseboards  • Drywall  • Appliances  • Insulation

To protect all these items, call Absolute Restoration as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Absolute Restorations is here to properly mitigate all causes of water damage. With IICRC certifications in water damage restoration, we here at Absolute Restorations are held to uphold the very standard that protects your property when sudden damages occur. When a disaster event occurs, Absolute Restorations can be counted on to restore a property to a safe, healthy environment because of our quick response, extreme reliability and attention to detail.